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National Walnut

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commercial name: National Walnut
botanical name: junglas regia
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It has a dark brown colour with a medium weaving and a varied fibre. The shrink is medium so as its nervousness its durably and flexibility, while the hardness and workmanship are good. The wood must be glued with glue containing a small quantity of water or with rapid glue. painting has good success. In order to give elegance and colour, the national walnut must be evaporated. Thi process gives the wood a more uniform colouring and helps to prevent and to evade the attack of woodworms and of moulds..


Areas of growt: Italy - Eastern Europe
Weaving: average
Grain: varies
Medium specific weight to the 10% of humidity: g/cm³ 0,650
Hardness: Brinell kg/mm² 2,5
Medium value shrink: 1,5
Choices: 1^ Quality, Commercial, Nodino (with smal knots)
14x65-70x300/500 T&G
14x85-90x500/1000 T&G



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