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Traditional Olive

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commercial name: OLIVO
botanical name: OLEA EUROPEA
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The Colour is dark yellow with light and dark streakings. It has a very thin weaving with a very tormented and uneven fibre and a considerable hardness. The shrink is very elevated, it has a medium high nervousness.


Areas of growt: Calabria
Weaving: Fine
Grain: Mixed - also very troubled
Medium specific weight to the 10% of humidity: g/cm³ 0,96
Hardness: Brinell kg/mm² 6,08
Medium value shrink: 1,5
Choices: Extra veined, Commercial, Elegant, Nodino(small knots), Grigio, Grigio Nodino, Antico, Industrial
12x60x250/360 T&G
14x70x300/500 T&G
15x85x300/1000 T&G


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